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Humorous Jokes for Children

Here is our collection of humorous jokes and funny stories especially for children.
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What classroom object is white when it is dirty, and black when it is clean?
A blackboard.

What did the tablecloth say to the table?
Don't make any moves, I've got you covered.

When are flowers lazy?
When they spend all their time in beds.

Submitted by: Winnie

What did the archaeologist say to the Egyptian mummy?
I really dig you.

Which famous Dutch painter always had a bad cold?
Vincent Van Cough.

I was going to tell you a joke about butter - but you would only spread it around.

Submitted by: Ann

I was going to tell you a funny story about a brick wall, but I'd better not - you might never get over it.

What type of cat will you find in a library?
A catalog.

What has six legs, four ears and a long tail?
A man on a horse.

Why should you never play cards in the jungle?
Because it's full of cheetahs.

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