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Joke Categories

These are the main categories of jokes we have for you.

  • Jokes about monsters - Witches

  • Law - Judges, lawyers, the police

  • Miscellaneous Jokes - The jokes without a category of their own

  • Money and Finance - Banks

  • People - American, British, idiots, old age, politically correct, Scottish

  • Politics - Are politicians a joke?

  • Questions - Did You Hear About? How Do You? Intelligence Tests, What Did? What Do You? What Has? What Is? Why Can't You? Why Did? Why Do? Why Is It? Why Was?

  • Restaurants - Lots of jokes about customers and waiters

  • Shopping - Shops and the "fun" of going shopping

  • Sports - Fishing, golf, soccer

  • Transportation - Car bumper stickers, car drivers

  • Weddings and Marriage - Jokes about weddings and marriage - alimony, brides, divorce, honeymoons, husbands, mother-in-law, wives

  • Women - Women car drivers

  • Work - Office humor