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Humorous Transportation Jokes

Here is our collection of humorous jokes and funny stories about transportation.
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Passenger: How long will the next train be?
Ticket Collector: Most likely five carriages, sir.

Did you hear about the fight on the railway train?
The conductor punched a ticket.

Each time I take a trip on a ferry it makes me cross.

Can you telephone from an airplane?
Of course, anyone can tell a phone from an airplane.

The airliner was accelerating down the runway for take off when it suddenly slowed down and turned back towards the terminal. It was two hours before it finally took off. A worried passenger asked a stewardess what had caused the delay. She replied, ''oh there's nothing to worry about. When we were about to take off the pilot heard one of the engines making a strange noise so he decided to return to the terminal. It took us a bit of time to find another pilot.''