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Humorous Why Did? Jokes

Here is our collection of humorous 'why did' jokes.
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Why did the atom cross the road?
It was time for him to split.

Why did the famous opera singer decide to go sailing?
Because she wanted to hit the high C's.

Why did the man sit in front of his television set with a bowl of sugar and milk?
They were showing a serial.

Why did the astronomer keep hitting himself on the head with a book?
Because he wanted to see stars.

Why did the lemon run away when the orange challenged him to a fight?
Because he was yellow.

Why did the invisible man keep looking in the mirror?
To check that he still wasn't there.

Why did the cookie visit the hospital?
It was feeling crummy!

Why did the farmer name his pig Ink?
Because it was always running out of the pen!

Why did the teddy bear not want to eat his lunch?
He was stuffed!

Why did the tree fail to answer the questions in the mathematics test?
Because he was stumped!

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